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Upgrading from the Open Source version? The commercial successor contains many major improvements which will help you work more productively and use Jalopy in new ways.

Seeing is believing. Request your trial today and test yourself!

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New features

Full J2SE 5.0 language support: generic types, enums, enhanced for loops, static imports, varargs and metadata facility

XDoclet support with configurable formatting styles

 * @ejb.resource-ref
 *      res-auth     = "Container"
 *      res-ref-name = "${kirus.resource.database.name}"
 *      res-type     = "javax.sql.DataSource"

Selective formatting to touch only newly added code and leave old code as is

Nested profiles to easily maintain the coding style for projects that largely share the same settings

Configuration profiles may be associated with IDE projects and switched automatically on project change

Comment formatting for single- and multi-line comments with configurable wrapping behavior

Compact style for method and if-else blocks and statements (print in single line)

if (cond) { return getMagicNumber(); }

Auto-format on save when using the IDE plug-ins

Javadoc templates for Getters/Setters

Configurable date/time patterns for the $date$ and $time$ local environment variables

Logging reports in HTML, XML or plain text

SQLJ support: SQL clauses will be printed as-is with blank lines before and after as specified in your code convention

Search & Replace for string literals and comments

Endline comments can be aligned

Identifying comments after brace class/interface and method/constructor blocks with configurable brace body size threshold

public void calculate(Object data) {
} // end method calculate

Separator comments may now be inserted between methods. Their style has been made fully configurable

Splitting of multi-variables is now configurable

Missing @Override annotation may be automatically inserted

Redundant modifiers may be removed

Eclipse Plug-in runs on Mac OS X

Intellij IDEA Plug-in for all versions since 3.0

NetBeans Plug-in which supports formatting of files with guarded sections (forms)

Maven Plug-in for both 1.x and 2.x

Graphical installer with unattended mode that lets you easily install the software (manual installation still possible)


Line wrapping is way more configurable and was completely overwhauled to address many outstanding bugs like those cases were line wrapping was either applied too early or too late

Indentation was greatly enhanced to allow to provide more flexibility and fix long standing issues

Printing is done in memory first aiding security and avoiding unnecessary disk I/O activity. The Open Source version always overwrites the original file and in case of formatting errors sometimes fails to restore the backup that was created before printing

Fixed tabs are finally supported gracefully

Keep blank lines before *all* source elements and comments

Keep line breaks before operators and method declaration parameters or method call arguments

Much improved comment support using blank lines heuristics that is way more robust and yield significantly better results (no more moving or missing comments)

Extended white space settings which allow even more fine grained control of white space handling

Configurable comment removal using regular expressions

Sorting order of elements in a group is now configurable, custom sorting strategies are possible via standalone Javadoc tags

Separator comments may now be printed without fill character

Wrapping boundary separately controllable for comments

Error reporting improved, it now always reveals the location where an error occurred even for unexpected errors

Polished GUI that has been completely overhauled both in terms of consistency and user comprehension/usability

Enhanced compatibility because bundled 3rd party libraries are now repackaged to avoid classpath issues

Bug fixes

The bug fixes are too numerous to be listed here. You can find detailed information about fixed bugs in the release history.

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What is Jalopy?

Jalopy is a world-class source code formatter for Java. It automates and enforces all aspects of source code layout—to meet a certain coding style without putting any burden on individual developers.

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