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Please review the system requirements before installing Jalopy.


Jalopy will run on any Pentium-class machine with a minimum of 256 MB RAM. You may succeed with less, but it's not really recommended for a good user experience.

Depending on your options, you need between 10-20 MB free disk space for the installation files. During runtime, additional space is required for settings, caches and backup, typically between 5-50 MB, but this again depends on your project size and setup

Operating System

The supported operating systems are: Linux, Mac OS X (x86 only), Solaris, Unix, Windows XP or later.

Jalopy should run on all platforms that provide a suitable Java VM. If you can get Jalopy running on an unsupported operating system, we will still try to help in case of problems, but may ultimately ask you to move to a supported platform in order to be able to provide extensive support


Jalopy requires a properly configured, compliant Java JDK version 1.4 or later on your system. We recommend to use a version 5.0 or later JDK

Jalopy has been deployed and is known to work with all major VM implementations from vendors like Oracle, IBM and Apple

For the additional requirements of the provided Plug-ins, please refer to the individual Plug-ins page.

What is Jalopy?

Jalopy is a world-class source code formatter for Java. It automates and enforces all aspects of source code layout—to meet a certain coding style without putting any burden on individual developers.

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Who needs it?

Jalopy is for everyone involved with source code editing. It scales from single developer usage to large scale enterprise deployment and seamlessly integrates with your favorite Java IDE or build tool.

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Concentrate on your problem domain and don’t waste time shuffling characters around. Pricing starts at USD $40 for a single-user license. Buy now using secure online purchase or wire transfer.

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Deploy, configure and use the software to best meet your needs. Download the printable user’s guide and learn everything there is to know to put Jalopy’s capabilities to full use.

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